HITOHIRA / Counter
Traditional Japanese Craft, Wajima-nuri (Wajima lacquer) and Arita-yaki (Arita porcelain)

Size: 63 in (W) x 31.5 in (D) x 37.4 in (H)
Design Registration#: 1292639

The signature methods of lacquer decoration known as “Chin-kin” and “Raden” have been adopted for this piece. “Chin-kin” is a technique to place gold and silver leaves in the carved lacquer surface. “Raden” is a technique which uses cuttings of mother of pearl and abalone shells to create inlaid designs. The tub body is Arita-yaki porcelain which is one of the most famous and finest-quality porcelains in Japan.


HITOHIRA / Party Sink
Royal Warrant
Traditional Japanese Craft, Arita-yaki (Arita porcelain)

Size: 35.43 in (W) x 15.75 in (D) x 7.09 in (H)
Design Registration#: 1292639

The Arita area of Japan has been producing porcelain for over 500 years. Modeled after the petal of a cherry blossom, this piece of ceramic art was of such a large scale that the Industrial Science Lab of Saga Prefecture was asked cooperate in its completion. This was the first attempt of such a large-scale project in Japan. Arita porcelain is known and revered for being delicate with detailed designs and is very popular in Japan and overseas. The bowl can be also used as a wine cooler for parties.