CARING / Dressing Vanity

Exhibited in Milano Salon in 2007
Total Size: 47.24 in (W) x 23.62 in (D) x 74.8 in (H)
Main Body Size: 47.24 in (W) x 23.62 in (D) x 31.5 in (H)
Storage Space: 63 in (W, 3 pieces) x 1.97 in (D) x 29.5 in (H)
Design Registration#: 1292641

The entire color is in classic blue and the image hints at the mystery of the universe. Blue LED light beautifully permeates, creating a dramatic, yet peacefully fantastic atmosphere. Stereo Bluetooth speakers are embedded in this vanity so that you can listen to your favorite music after connecting to your cellular phone or other device. Enjoy music as a part of a fresh start to your day, or relax with romantic lights and sounds in the evening.