Megumi’s experience in interior design and architectural services spans 20 years. She and her team have completed more than 800 technically high-level, high-quality projects in new and remodeled structures. Her overseas work includes designing interior décor for a royal family of the United Arab Emirates as well as celebrities who live in Shanghai, Hollywood, Los Angeles, and Singapore.


Megumi writes poetry to inspire what her mind and hands will create; during that time , she creates spatial designs which describe natural scenes and the psychological factors she experiences in the moment. Her work is largely stirred by her enchantment with the moon and stars. Knowledge that light illuminates color is shown in all her work and is experienced in them.


Megumi’s unique floor space designs translate nature’s aesthetics and captures the flow of light, sound, and wind. This deep understanding and spiritual connection with nature’s principles conveys a unique vision that ensures physical, emotional, and spiritual comfort.


Megumi’s Brand Products featuring her custom contemporary furniture and lighting equipment were displayed at Milano Salone in 2007 — the largest trade fair of its kind in the world which showcases the latest in furniture and design from other countries. Her works have also been displayed at international exhibitions in New York and Los Angeles in 2009.


While crafting any project, Megumi produces interior designs made of natural material that are gentle to both mind and body. The popularity of her structural and interior design and home furnishings has spread worldwide; local and international media attention from newspapers and magazines follow Megumi and her inspirations.