EI/Bathroom Vanity

Exhibited in Milano Salon in 2007
Total Size: 47.24 in (W) x 23.62 in (D) x 74.8 in (H)
Main Body Size: 47.24 in (W) x 23.62 in (D) x 31.5 in (H)
Storage Space: 63 in (W, 3 pieces) x 1.97 in (D) x 29.5 in (H)
Design Registration#: 1292641

With an image of the emotional and spiritual transitions of your day, the blue light enhances your peace of mind each morning and evening.
Wherever you choose to place it, the elegant blue light and your favorite music (iPhone connector installed) provide harmony and soothe your soul. The counter material is constructed of medium-density fiberboard (MDF) coated in classic blue. The top panel and washing bowl are made with specially treated glass and a blue LED light beautifully reflects the water in the sink creating a dramatic, yet peaceful atmosphere. With the lights dimmed, this piece can be used solely as a light fixture with music.
Three mirrors with compartmentalized storage spaces were designed in the image of wings. Speakers are installed in spaces on the right and left.
The name “EI” is derived from “Emotional Intelligence”.