CAPRI BLUE / Table and Chairs

Exhibited in ICFF of New York and CA BOOM of Los Angeles, U.S.A. in 2009

(JETRO research showed LPL booth attracted the most visitors in the Japan sector)

Size: 94.49 in (W) x 34.25 in (D) x 29.53 in (H)

Design Registration#: 1308429


Each chair can be accented with Nishijin-ori which is a sophisticated and lavish brocade with a 1200-year history and hand woven in the cultural center of Japan, Kyoto. The brocade for each chair can be individually selected by our customers.

The table is designed with an image of a blue grotto in Italy. Offering you an extraordinary experience while dining with family and friends, this table can also be used for special occasions or parties to create a mystic atmosphere.

Constructed of solid cherry, the body is highlighted with strings of LED lights that can be adjusted to fit your particular mood. The glass top is safe and stable with specially designed rubber supports. Ice in the wine cooler in the center of the table reflects a comforting blue that enhances your dining experience.