We create beautiful spaces by visually coordinating a wide range of genres including interiors in the styles of various countries, modern art, and silhouette via lighting. By computer generated three dimensional images of the commissioned space, we make it possible for you to see a spectacular visual plan for your space. Megumi-Hashiguchi, with her vast range of experience, uses her highly developed taste to bring your imagination to life. We often propose total coordination using elegant furniture, window treatments, and lighting carefully selected from various domestic and international brands.

Being in the business of construction in Japan, we must first take into consideration the local climate and an active seismic geology resulting from the intersection of four tectonic plates. As a result, a very strict Building Standard Act was established for small to large-scale buildings in Japan. The quake-resistant engineering of Japan has been well-proven and is recognized worldwide for quality and safety.

To overcome the unique challenges of the Japan climate, we have succeeded in designing and constructing houses which maintain a consistent temperature and humidity throughout the year.

In recent years, houses in Japan have started to look more western and have lost their traditional design and advantages; however, we have been reassessing the benefits of the 1,400-year history of traditional Japanese architecture. Our appreciation of Japan’s architectural heritage has helped us gain a much deeper familiarity and expertise in the construction of wooden buildings.

We place great value on using natural materials and traditional Japanese methods of construction to create comfortable and relaxing homes for the people who live in them.